Pornhub is officially blocked in Thailand and people are freaking out

Pornhub is officially blocked in Thailand and people are freaking out

Protests broke out in Bangkok after Thailand’s government announced that Pornhub, along with 190 other pornographic sites, were banned.

Whilst Pornhub was only allowing its American users to access the site last week if they confirmed they’d been a good citizen and voted, the Thai Government was banning access to the site – a move which sparked protests both online and in-person.

Thailand’s Digital Economy and Society Minister, Buddhipongse Punnakanta, claimed that the ban was an attempt from the government to restrict access to porn and gambling, which are both illegal in the country.

Pornhub Protestor

On Tuesday, all Thai internet providers and mobile phone companies received an order to ban 190 websites hosting pornographic or gambling content including the popular Canadian website Pornhub.

Protestors slammed the ban as a means of suppressing footage of Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn and his wife partying naked which had resurfaced on the site. This comes after mounting pressure and protests throughout 2020 calling for reforms to reduce the king’s powers and for the removal of their Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha.

The protests that have taken place online for the most part with the official #SavePornhub beginning to trend, although the Anonymous Party insisted on letting their freak fly on last Tuesday right in front of the Government Complex in Chaeng Wattana in opposition to ban. Thailand has a celebrated sex industry and is in the top 20 countries that visit Pornhub every day.

Despite the government’s attempts to cut porn out of the country, Google trends show heightened searches for VPN services from Thai users, which would enable them to circumvent any bans.

Don’t give up yet Thailand, there’s always another way.