Graphic details of the Christian Porter rape allegations are now public

CW: Sexual assault, suicide.

The graphic details of the Christian Porter rape allegations are now available to the public as hope surfaces for an independent inquiry.

The Federal Court has published a 31-page dossier detailing rape allegations against Christian Porter, a former attorney-general.

The documents are now publicly available for the first time and contain graphic detail about the allegations against Porter.

Christian Porter Jo Dyer rape allegations
Image: Sydney Morning Herald

The victim, who was 16 at the time, alleged that Porter, who was 18, raped her three times on 10 January 1988.

Yesterday marked a year since she took her own life in 2020. She died a few days after withdrawing her complaint to police.

The dossier also includes diary notes, written by the woman, stating that Porter had raped her in her room at the University of Sydney Women’s College.

Prior to the incident, the two had been out at a formal dinner for the World Universities Debating Championships.

Jo Dyer, a friend of the woman, states that despite the woman informing her of the incident decades later, she believes her.

Dyer states that the account was incredibly “consistent and so detailed“, highlighting that if the woman’s accusations were false, those kind of detailed would have not been mentioned.

Jo-Dyer Christian Porter
Image: Adelaide Review

I believed the story… the acts that she described were not something that a 16-year-old virgin would consent to. So there was no ambiguity, it seemed to me, as to whether or not this was a consensual act that got out of hand or anything of that nature.

The victim alleged that Porter said she “couldn’t leave [him] with blue balls“, before forcing her to perform oral sex on him, regardless of her protests. She then vomited on herself.

The dossier details how Porter allegedly helped clean the woman up, where he “shaved my legs and under my arms“.

The two then fell asleep, until the woman was woken up by Porter in what was described as a “violently shocking” manner – to him raping her.

The ordeal did not end there, with Porter raping the woman a third time “shorty afterwards“.

In March this year, NSW Police said that the evidence against Porter was “insufficient” and did not warrant concern for further investigation.

Additionally, Scott Morrison repeatedly rejected requests for an independent inquiry.

However, people are still hopeful that an inquiry will go forward, particularly after the public release of the graphic allegations.

In response, Porter has denied the accusations, stating that he “did not sleep” with the woman.

Further, he has requested for the permanent removal of the diary entries from the Federal Court file, however, media groups aim to ensure that the court does not grant Porter this favour.