Gibson release the Noel Gallagher signature J-150 acoustic

Responsible for penning a legendary list of tracks, Noel Gallagher’s signature model is sure to be popular ‘All Around the World’.

Noel Gallagher, the lyrical mastermind behind Britpop giant Oasis teased a signature acoustic guitar on his official Instagram on March 12th of this year. Now, after only a few months, the Noel Gallagher signature J-150 acoustic is now available, giving everyone the perfect tool to play Wonderwall obnoxiously at a house party.

The guitar was initially announced back in January and was teased further with a promo video in March. “It looks just like it did the day I bought it,” says a pleased Gallagher, a man known for his brutal honesty. “I instantly fell in love with that guitar. I’ve played this guitar in stadiums, played it in pubs – took it everywhere. You know, I still go back to [it]. I mean, it becomes part of you.

Noel Gallagher with his J-150
Photo: Chris McKay/Getty

While it’s not the only acoustic owned by Noel, the J-150 is a guitar responsible for playing a part in writing many of the legendary tracks Oasis and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are known for. “When I think back now to the songs that I’ve written, and the amount of time I’ve spent holding this guitar…” remembers Gallagher.

The previous promo video showed off the guitar, including an envelope likely to contain the Adidas sticker that can be found on Noel’s personal J-150. It also ended with the words “June 2021”, which we now know was the scheduled release date. With the release of the signature model, Gibson have released a new video promoting the six-string.

Similarly to the last one, it features the Oasis track Little By Little, a song written and sung by Noel Gallagher, using this guitar. It also features a discussion with Noel about the J-150 and how closely the reproduction meets the spec of his own. “To me, this makes me want to pick it up and do something,” said Noel, when discussing the finish on the back of the body.


The guitar can be purchased for $4,299.00 USD. For more information, visit the Gibson website here.