Post Malone takes a nasty fall during St. Louis concert

Post Malone takes a nasty fall during St. Louis concert

Medics rushed to Post Malone after he fell on stage during his show at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis over the weekend.

Post Malone sent shockwaves through a packed-out crowd at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Saturday night (September 17), by taking a terrible tumble mid-song. Security and medics rushed to the 27-year-old rapper’s side, shortly after he fell into a hole onstage, reportedly intended to lower his guitar.

Malone was in the middle of performing his 2019 hit Circles, when fan-shot footage shows him hitting the ground, face-first, and calling out in pain as security officials run to his aid. A Twitter user posted a clip of the incident, in which you can hear them screaming, “no! Post Malone! I can’t watch this!” 

Credit: TikTok @montana_meyer

After he was assisted off stage, fans waited in anticipation for around 15 minutes, to see if Post Malone would return to continue the show, or if he was going to pack it in. Much to everyone’s surprise, despite reportedly having three cracked ribs, the legendary hitmaker re-emerged, apologised to the crowd, and performed two more songs before exiting the stage to seek further medical aid.

“St. Louis, I’m so fucking sorry,” he said after returning. “I ruined the show tonight, ladies and gentlemen. I promise, next time I come around, I won’t fucking wreck your night. That being said, I want to thank you for your patience and I’m sorry. There was a big-ass hole in the middle of the stage, and I just busted my ass off. I want to say thank you, everybody, for hanging in there. I’ve got the best fucking fans in the world.”

After the concert, the rapper posted a video on Twitter, explaining the cause of the incident and providing an update on his condition: “Hey St. Louis, I fuckin love you guys so much. Thank you for putting up with my dumb ass” he began. “Whenever we do the acoustic part of the show, the guitars, and the guitar stand, goes down. And there’s this big-ass hole, so I go around there, I turned the corner and I bust my ass. It got me pretty good, we just got back from the hospital, and everything’s good. They gave me some pain meds, and we can keep kicking ass on the tour.”

Posty concludes with a message to his St. Louis concert-goers: “Next time I’m around this way, we’re going to do a two-hour show for you, so we can make up for the songs that we missed. Thank you for your love.”