‘GTA 6’ suffers massive leak of 90 gameplay videos

A mass amount of early footage from GTA 6, comprising 90 videos in total, has been leaked across social media platforms.

Rockstar Games was struck with a crisis over the weekend, as a copious amount of early footage from GTA 6 was released without any authority granted by the game developer.

According to a report by Forbes, a GTAforums account holder by the name teapotuberhacker is considered responsible for the leak.

Credit: Rockstar Games

This individual, who has also claimed responsibility for the recent Uber data breach, has released a total of 90 clips via social media. The videos are allegedly from a GTA 6 test build, and showcase existing details from former leaks, such as location and character leads, as well as new information.

It appears as though Rockstar Games is yet to make a formal statement on what is being considered the largest Grand Theft Auto leak of all time, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled for updates on how they react.