Yes, these potatoes can run ‘DOOM’

Bringing a whole new meaning to the “does it run DOOM?” meme, here’s some rotting potatoes that can run the timeless classic.

If you’ve heard of DOOM running on a pregnancy test, then you best get ready for an even more baked tale. Step aside PlayStation, move along Mr Xbox man, it’s time for the real next-gen console. Here’s one for the potato fans.

Known as Equalo on Youtube, this mad lad prepared an entire army of potatoes to satisfy his burning curiosity — was there any way he could supply enough electricity to get the game working with them? We now know the answer is yes, but this wasn’t a simple journey.

potato, doom

The potato clock might be familiar with some of you, it was a common school science experiment using potatoes as a battery. Turns out, spuds hold enough phosphoric acid to create a chemical reaction if you stick copper and zinc in either side.

Equalo had first prepared a 11×6 grid of halved potatoes, generating around 10mA volts. Only problem was, the Raspberry Pi he planned to run the game on would have required around 100-120 mA (roughly 4.5-5 volts). This would’ve required 770 potato pieces to meet the bare minimum requirements.

potato, doom

In an absolute tragedy, it turned out that even 45kg of potatoes wasn’t enough to power the device. DOOM was too simply too strong. In his video, you can see Equalo’s absolute devastation play out in real time.

Thankfully, Equalo had the sweet idea of using a calculator instead of his Raspberry Pi. As it turns out, the TI-84 graphing calculator could run games and it definitely required less energy. With the potatoes on the brink of becoming a decomposing heap of failure, the man successfully powered the device to run DOOM.

If you haven’t already, check out his video on Youtube. We also encourage you to read the video description.