Blast a demonic Margaret Thatcher to pulp in this fan-made ‘Doom’ expansion

History hasn’t been too kind to Great Britain’s divisive ex-PM Margaret Thatcher, but being portrayed as a demon lord in upcoming Doom mod Thatcher’s Techbase takes it to fiery new depths.

Thatcher’s Techbase is an unofficial expansion of the original Doom video game that takes the action to the 10th circle of hell: the United Kingdom of Great Britain. At the centre of this wretched and accursed land is the techno demon – still sporting her iconic pearls nonetheless – Margaret Thatcher.

The fan-made game, which borrows materials and assets from many iterations of official Doom games, was developed by a sizeable team and led by Jim Purvis (Dr. Doom Daddy). The team’s passion for vintage video games is very apparent, as is their disdain for the British Conservative Party.

doom thatcher
Image: Thatcher’s Techbase / 3D: Doom Daddy Digital

Thatcher’s Techbase will give players the chance to blast Thatcher and her hellspawn in a number of different game modes including single player, cooperative, and a deathmatch experience. Players can also choose from five difficulty levels depending on how adept they are at shooting sprites to smithereens.

The game is entirely free (due to it being made with assets provided by id Software) and will be playable on Windows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii. However, to do so you will first need to obtain copy of Doom 2. There’s an in-depth guide on the official Thatcher’s Techbase website to help players figure it all out. Or perhaps you can just play the game on a potato or something.

It’s a lot to take in, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Doom fans be so openly political. And while the whole thing doesn’t exactly scream of forgiveness, cooperation or moving on, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it rather amusing. Besides, it’s not like Margaret Thatcher isn’t deserving of a little time in the hot seat.

I guess the only question that remains is which politician will star in the sequel?


Thatcher’s Techbase is out on September 24.