iann dior and Lil Uzi Vert collide seamlessly on vivid new single ‘V12’

Hip-hop aficionados iann dior and Lil Uzi Vert effortlessly connect melodies on their guitar-driven cruiser, V12.

Ever since iann dior started dropping tracks every week in high school, we’ve been nothing but impressed. The genre-agnostic artist’s first-rate melodies have granted him a Billboard number one track, as well as plenty of notable collaborations across the industry, from Trippie Redd to Travis Barker (Blink 182).

For his latest offering, V12, dior gels vocals with studded rapper Lil Uzi Vert, creating one of his most euphonious tracks yet.

iann dior

The track lays down some pensive electric guitar, then brings in the trap beat for the hook: “she said I’m reckless, diamonds in my smile and my necklace”. Rappers flexing their ice is nothing new, but this line feels significantly earned considering that Lil Uzi forked out $24 million to implant a pink diamond onto his head. dior teeters melody and rap, making for some incredibly catchy quips with rhythmic interest.

What’s most impressive about V12 is how seamlessly dior and Lil Uzi come together. Their tones together are smooth and vibrant, making this single a great addition for your spring/summer playlists.

It’s a celebratory tune; make no mistake. However, the ambient synth backings and minor chords evoke a tinge of melancholy that provides V12 with the added complexity it needs.

The music video keeps affairs uncomplicated and joyous, letting the artists rep their bling and rap behind shimmering lights straight into the camera. Lil Uzi and dior are both full of whimsy and energy, and it’s pretty obvious that they get along off-set, as well as on. So I’m not surprised their moods are high.

V12 is a sound addition to both of their catalogues.


V12 is out now via 10K Projects / Virgin Music Australia. Stream or buy the single here.