PREMIERE: Aaron Lutze bares his heart with latest clip Melodies in My Head

Alt-rock singer-songwriter Aaron Lutze has unveiled his latest offering Melodies in My Head. With the release of the music video comes the first taste of Lutze’s upcoming EP, a narrative-driven collection of tunes sure to tug on the heart strings.

Recorded in early 2018 at ZanAri Records in Victoria, the EP narrows in on painfully common feelings of love, jealously and the mountain of emotion in between.

The clip features Lutze spinning some park bench blues while reminiscing on lost love. Layered with his airy yet hammering vocals, the video follows a young couple’s turbulent relationship – seemingly tainted by jealously and disconnection.

Photo: Cherrie Hughes

Melodies in My Head by Aaron Lutze is a clean and crisp rendition of one man’s love story. With easy breezy guitar and a rock-centred chorus, the clip is sure to strike at the heart of any viewer.

Melodies In My Head mixes a soft introspective vibe with commanding drums, delicate keys and endearing acoustic guitar. This fusion of electric and organic sounds adds a flavourful element to the track, regularly switching from sweet to savoury in its style.

Lutze sets himself up as an artist uncompromised by the trials of life through his expressive and potent style. He taps into an emotionally charged energy to truly connect with listeners, seen through the weight in his lyricism:

“In a way I wish you’d leave me to erase our memories. But those were the best years I’ll probably ever see.”

For all of its moody vibes, the song still manages to spark a sense of nostalgia for lost love, seen most clearly in the thrashing chorus.Weaving a song so strong in narrative structure is no easy feat, yet Aaron Lutze pulls it off in his latest clip. Melodies in My Head is an impressive track, sure to remain in yours.