PREMIERE: Greek psych rockers Chickn hatch something marvellous on new album WOWSERS!

Acid glam virtuosos Chickn are back with their highly anticipated sophomore album, WOWSERS! Following an explosive debut, their latest blends West Coast good vibes with an explosion of proto-punk beats.

Consisting of Athens’ finest, the outfit is made up of Angelos Krallis (lead vocals, guitars, synths), Pantelis Karasevdas (drums, percussion, piano), Don Stavrinos (horns, percussion), Haris Neilas (congas, bongos, percussion, electric sitar), Axios Zafeirakos (bass), and Chris Bekiris (string machine, electric guitar, backing).

Photo: Eftychia Vlachou

Consisting of nine acid glam elegies to get your heart pumping, WOWSERS! from Chickn is an absolute firestarter that will rock your world.

Recorded live during a ten-day lockout in Athens, the album serves as a looking glass reflecting an incomplete world image. Yet something special sparks from WOWSERS! – as a shiny and comforting LP it taps into pure, unadulterated fun.

At this expressive core lies some of Chickn’s best work; full of percussion, arcade guitar, sensual baselines and enchanting keys. The end result is a perfectly crafted freak-out.

Is This Cher? rings chimey and stern with a building rock flair, while Too Many Parables provides a bouncy, ska centred flavour. Egg of Love finds its place amongst a more romantic tone with its mountainous melody that adds an earthier element to the record.

And then there is Elevational Love of Frank Zappa – an exciting injection of zest, electrified through a fast-paced tempo.

Chickn describe the song as a “true story about an incident of self-secession, recited under the beat of a war machine. It depicts in amazing details both the moment of the narrator’s reunion with himself, as well as the amazing emotion that kept the very same self together.”

“The Elevational Love sprouted before the rest of the record and now sees the light only because it is their friends’ most cherished song.”

Creative, invigorating and expressive to no end, the album offers a glimpse into the exciting future of Chickn.


WOWSERS! is out now via Inner Ear Records. You can pre-order your vinyl copy here.