PREMIERE: Albion Place will have you feelin’ good on Pleasure

It’s kind of difficult to categorise a band like Albion Place. With their incredibly woozy meld of various genres, the band have crafted something completely unique to themselves.

While their music can vary quite distinctly from track to track, their discography remains entirely cohesive. They’re a band who are confident of who they are, and release music accordingly.

Dunedin band Albion Place are making music in a league of their own right now. Their woozy new track Pleasure is concrete proof of this.

On their new single Pleasure, the Dunedin-based four-piece weave elements of psych, reggae, pop, rock, and folk to deliver a track that’s simultaneously woozy and punchy.

Made up of vocalist and guitarist Micah Davis-Rae, bassist Tom Kelk, vocalist and synth/keyboard player Hugh Fulton, and Jack Ferguson, the band already have a full-length album and a string of great singles under their collective belt.

Pleasure sees the band sharpen their sound to craft something that feels far more focuses and purposeful. There’s no wasted moment here.

Even the track’s sustained, dreamy outro serves an important role in the track’s structure. By the time it fades out of existence, you’ll be left knowing that you’ve heard something great.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.

Make sure you catch Albion Place live on their Pleasure tour. More info here.