PREMIERE: Arkson is back with an explosive new anthem ‘Victory’

Toronto’s Arkson professes a unique ability to capture a moment in its infinity and his latest cut is certainly no exception.

Arkson (a.k.a. David Park) is back with a brand new power-rock belter to blow your socks off.

Penned as the anthem song for Lank FC and Portugal’s inaugural Bracara Cup, Victory is an explosive, catharsis of hope that offers a light to anyone in need.


“I prefer to think that each is song is its own unique moment, and I aim to make them feel different. I like the idea of not looking back and just pushing ahead with constant fresh inspiration,” the artist writes.

This mission statement echoes through Victory, with its acidic riffs and spiritually grand hooks. Bringing to mind the talents of Imagine Dragons and Arcade Fire, Park exercises his talent for composition by slowing building the track towards an immeasurable climax.


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Said climax erupts in a frenzy of orchestration that flavours the indie-rock track with ethereal tones. Lyrically, Park varnishes his teaming sonic landscape with musings on perseverance and grit. “Shooting high, shooting low/Running fast, thinking slow/We’re fighting till the end, and we’ll do it all again/If I fall before the goal, you’ll see me crawling for it all, And we’ll do it all again,” he sings.

“It is meant to be an intense, energetic pump-up song which captures the spirit of sport—pushing as hard as you can towards the goal, never giving up, and never stopping,” the artist writes.

Throw in a visually stunning music video, and you have an utterly immaculate release.

Dive into Victory below: