PREMIERE: Atlas And The Attic drop new single Hidden, an indie jam sweeter than honey

For the five-minute duration of Hidden by Atlas And The Attic, we are treated to an ode to love; a sense of freedom gifted through the power of music.

Fresh from Brissy, indie rockers Atlas And The Attic shine with soulful and reflective vibes on their latest single Hidden, officially dropping April 13th.

Since the release of their 2017 debut single Together As One, the band have been perfecting their craft while performing a slew of energetic shows on the live circuit. Hidden marks a turning point for Atlas And The Attic, as they tune into a softer side with a timbre so mellow it will lift your mood from any depth.

Atlas And The Attic

Made up of Sam Leslie, Liam Taylor, Leith DeVilliers and Elliot Hodgson, the band continue to push their limits with the snazzy riffs they’ve become known for, introspective lyrics and vocals sweeter than honey.

While produced by the band’s talented guitarist Liam Taylor​, all four members lend their personal touch to the tune, making Hidden some of their best work to date.

Anchoring the thematic concerns of the track are lyrics that paint the most colourful picture; a strong and apt account of a muso’s love for his strings.

“Come find hope hidden in these strings. Face your fears with the smallest things. And when everything has gone its way, away from the valleys and up the range, find hope hidden in these strings.”

Hidden rolls like a lucid dream, sweet and syrupy but nonetheless commanding. It marks an exciting addition to the band’s catalogue and offers a sneak peak of what to expect from Atlas And The Attic​ in the near future.

Atlas And The Attic​ will be embarking on an east coast tour in the upcoming months. In the meantime, you can tune into their harmonious jams on Unearthed and Spotify.