PREMIERE: Au Dre get funky on Fool Me

Do you ever find yourself wishing there was a cross between Hudson Mohawk and sexy 70s disco boogie vocal stylings? Well it’s your lucky day friend! The heavens have parted and a single ray of light is shining down on Melbourne duo Au Dre, and man they are here to make your day funky as hell.

Au Dre

Melbourne duo Au Dre get their funky trumpet on for their latest single Fool Me.

Au Dre is the combined effort of producer JamBau and vocalist/ trumpeter Audrey Powne. The two naturally came together over their love for big electronic numbers and the late 70s disco movement. That, and they happened to already work together in groups like Sex on Toast and The Do Yo Thangs. It’s a pretty fun combination, and with dance music being the unstoppable juggernaut that it is, there is risk of the genre becoming considerably bloated. Which is why it is so refreshing to hear something like Au Dre’s latest single Fool Me.

The song has a very organic sound. Not just in the way the pair have put the music together, but the music itself doesn’t feel that electronic at all. The big winner is that trumpet. The song creeps at first, then starts to get a bit of swagger in its step. But when that trumpet comes in it’s like that juice jar that crashes through the wall screaming “Oh Yeah!!!“. It’s such a triumphant, joyous moment. Even if you’re one of those lame, boring people who claim they can’t dance, (or worse say they don’t) it’ll be pretty hard to resist boogeying to this one.

The keys used on the track also add to the sense of fun, the distinct RnB vibes of the 80s bleeding through without overcrowding the sounds. It bops along without letting up for a second. You can be a complete dud on the dance floor but still be inspired to bust out one or two notable moves with this beat behind you. Take note kids, if you want to impress that special someone and talk flirting isn’t your game then this is the chance to let your dance flirting do all the talking.

Which is ironic given the forlorn nature of the lyrics. Fool Me is in essence a song about the after effects of a break up. It’s about realising the other person has moved on while you’re still struggling with the loss. Audrey’s vocal is sassy as hell, she really communicates the frustration and nostalgia of trying to move on and essentially ‘win’ a break up. The fact that the song sounds so jolly works so well; it’s so indicative of the way we try put on a brave face and act everything is okay when really we are hurt.

Props to Au Dre on this one, it’s subtle but it’s clever, not to mention it’s just a damn good song as well.