PREMIERE: Bad French unveil très chic new tune Teen Dream Woman

PREMIERE: From Paris with love, Bad French unveil très chic new track Teen Dream Woman

Two Aussie hommes with big Parisian fantasies, Bad French are ready to unveil their très chic new tune Teen Dream Woman.

The single release also marks a milestone for the newcomers, their debut video clip. Produced by Bad French and featuring Minét Masters, it’s a delightfully whimsical piece of film.

Understated, simple and effective, it’s what a first impression clip should be. The band hold back from anything cheesy, running with a killer concept and profoundly nailing it.

bad french teen dream woman

Savvy français and plain white tees: Teen Dream Woman is all the magic of young Parisian love jammed into 4 minutes by Bad French.

A bouncy rhythm and spacey synths open the track before a wafting, catchy vocal enters the mix. Band members Daniel Forsyth and Michael Carney certainly know how to draw an ear in, never pushing the envelope too far and maintaining their quaint demeanour throughout.

The synth work in here is delightful, dotty and totally individual. The sounds Bad French are coming up with here are 100 percent their own, as weird and wonderful as every lead line should be. Seriously, I want to pick through those patches.

Teen Dream Woman follows on from All Your Days Are Here Where You Are Now, their latest single released six months ago. The French influence doesn’t stand out as strongly in the latest, yet they more than make up for it with a massive injection of individuality. Looking out for what comes next, that much you can bet on.