PREMIERE: Bad Vision will bury their new single Goons into your brain, good luck getting it out

In the pursuit of enjoyment, many avenues are rendered elusive by perspective. Achieving an ultimate drugless high is a concept beaten to death by insipid memes and white writing pasted blatantly onto unrelated images of nature, disguised as inspiration. Some however, manage to achieve emotional enlightenment through creative expression and, often, visceral outpourings of any and all sentiments considered in everyday banal tasks.

What better outpouring than that of a punk band at the height of its vicious assault on the mundane and scattered minds of the modern day. Melbourne’s Bad Vision encompass the concept wholeheartedly in their brand new fist clenching head beater, Goons ripped from their freshly announced sophomore LP, Turn Out Your Sockets due out on May 6th this year.


Bad Vision drop new ear worm, Goons and announce upcoming second album entitled Turn Out Your Sockets.

Upon first listen, Goons comes over you like a feeling of spontaneous debauchery, bouncing hard off the white walls of your skull and ingraining itself in your brain like a tick leaking stimulants. Terms like punk, garage and indie-pop are thrown around like yellow snowballs these days with less and less artists wanting to be genre-defined but genres themselves continue to expand rapidly to accommodate their own advances. Bad Vision lay comfortably across these genres however, displaying punk’s anarchic destruction mixed with pop’s infectiousness and dragged by garage’s un-selfconsciousness.

Goons is a perfect example of this genre redefinition in its hardcore catchiness and its driving simplicity. Vocalist Jerome Rush provides an unmistakable distinction to the track, with a voice that sounds like sizzling bacon and is just as delicious in its delivery of the lyrics that muse on the ever-relatable topic of day to day people watching. Goons creeps up on you with a building complexity despite a repetitive melody. Jangly bouncing guitar leads sound like a sarcastic smile on the front end of the song and provide the basis for some serious catchiness in their repetition.

There are hints of the early days of Ramones-ruled punk in Goons, tastes of modern indie and even the slightest flash of the Violent Femmes‘ reluctant classic, Blister In The Sun with its scratching haphazard acoustic guitars. This ear worm track is the perfect fishing rod vying for listeners for the upcoming and soon to be highly anticipated LP to which it belongs. The promise of further experimentations and inter-genre frolicking in Turn Out Your Sockets makes Goons a tantalizing taste of what’s to come.

The five-piece are set to provide some cheeky insights into the new record with a number of live dates beginning with Dane Certificate’s Magic Shop in Brunswick on the 12th of February. Don’t miss the opportunity for a dip into the deep creativity and energy of the promising Melbourne crew and be sure to keep your eye out (pun intended) for Turn Out Your Sockets on the 6th of May.

You can pre-order the new album here

Turn Out Your Sockets tracklist:

1. Very Melbourne
2. Heavy Boy
3. Swallow
4. Fairweather
5. Shitspeak
6. Goons
7. Flick Flack
8. Blah Blah Blah
9. Don’t Don’t
10. Mind The Gap
11. Sleep Standing Up
12. Flawless People
13. Bain Marie