PREMIERE: Bears get the love vibrations flowin’ on new cosmic Psych single, I’m In Love With You Baby

As far as independent, Melbourne based Psych bands go, six piece outfit, Bears, are proving themselves to be serious contenders for the top spot. With retro feel, and a lick of contemporary groove, these boys are heading down the road, and opening the door to some big things.


Bears have been clawing at the Psychedelic Dream Pop door for a while, and have officially broken through with a cosmic cocktail of sounds on new single, I’m In Love With You Baby.

Their last single, Magical Woman, was packed full of groovy woozy soul inflictions, much like a modern day take on Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac‘s Black Magic Woman. Their latest single, I’m In Love With You Baby sees them travelling down the same route, and keeping the Dream Psychedelia sprouting strong.

Using the topic of love to create something with more finesse, than cheese, they do so with Middle Eastern undertones, Dream Pop overtones, elucidating vocal work and phrasing, alongside crisp, invigorating beats.

Although the track doesn’t reach any risky territory, their safeness works a charm, giving the song a familiar, sunny warmth. As the song reaches it’s crux, “I’m alone won’t you come on home” is alluringly sung, and followed up by a solo that draws spirited emotion from the six strings the way Mark Knopfler has been known to do.

This almost 4 minute track is made for the lovers of snug, guitar strong Psychedelic tunes that bloom proudly as the instrumentation rolls on.

These cosmic cats have a serious grasp on their chosen genre, and are exploring it with the heat, charisma and individuality one could only hope to hear from an experienced band, let alone a group of dudes still on the rise.

I’m In Love With You Baby is a tasty glimpse of the sound they’re carefully crafting with each passing month, and a peep of what’s to come. It casts a spell that I dare say won’t be broken until the release of their forthcoming LP.

You can grab a copy of the tune on their double A-side 7″ vinyl, when the band officially launch the single at the Old Bar in Fitzroy on Friday the 26th.