Residual get serious and explore the winning and losing game of love on new Alt-Rock single, All For You

A big buzz is generating around Geelong based four-piece Residual and their new single All For You. A heart felt song about a petering relationship, it’s the vibrant and polished first offering from the bands new EP Haunts.


Residual get serious about loving and losing the game on new Alt-Rock single, All For You.

All For You’s ethereal and at times delicate guitar elements lend to Sam Burtt’s powerful and emotive vocal performance. Written about a relationship that was coming to an end, Burtt has indicated that the relationship the song describes only ended “a day before we started tracking vocals”.

This explains the raw emotional tones of his vocal performance that make All For You such a strong piece of music.

In his own words All For You is about “giving yourself to someone despite the knowledge that it will soon end”. Not to be forgotten are pounding drum and bass lines that fill the verses and provide a platform for the vocals to rightfully take their place front and centre.

Strong in both content and composition, All For You and Residual are deserving of the attention they have garnered.

The accompanying video clip furthers the dense emotional content offered in the song. Shot in black and white, the clip features lead singer Burtt being presented with a series of challenging scenarios that he navigates in conjunction with the ebbs and flows of the track.

Reaching a climactic point where Burtt proceeds to destroy the world around him, the clip completes it’s simple but effective visually metaphoric account of the broken relationship described in the songs harrowing lyric.

The clip is the handy work of budding young director Jesse Leaman, who nailed the bands brief of a stark, black and white depiction of emotional trauma to represent the All For You’s tension riddled subject matter.

On the back of the single Residual have lined up a tour and residency at the Workers in Melbourne on Monday nights. The boys first show at the Workers last week seems to have been a resounding success on account of what they described as a “solid turn out and an awesome response” from those attending. This doesn’t come as a surprise as the response to All For You has been overwhelmingly positive so far.

This sort of response has also carried on in to their tour shows, which the boys see as a valuable “learning experience”. Also on the cards for the boys is a potential backyard session, which the boys are also excited to be involved in.

Having played a few backyards in their time the boys are well acquainted with the intimacy that comes along with these sorts of performance and are looking forward to busting out a tune or few sitting on an esky!

The new EP Haunts will be released in late August. Considering the maturity of All For You it would seem that Residual are building the sort of momentum required for an LP in the near future.

Having learned a lot in “every aspect from writing, recording and even the process of the release itself” it appears that the boys are constantly adding feathers to the cap and have indicated that after this tour run they could yet again find themselves in the studio with an eye on putting down a more lengthy production.

Featured on Happy Mixtape 47, All For You is a serious and polished alt rock track that is sure to get you singing in to your most readily available hairbrush. Expect to hear these boys infiltrating airwaves near you.