PREMIERE: Brisbane producer Riverine drops the ethereal and challenging new track Yearning

From Brisbane based producer Riverine comes a new addition to his quiver of killer tracks. Yearning is the spacey electronica of late nights and losing track of time.

With haunting bell elements and futuristic synth, Riverine ties in the ambient natural environment with something slightly more technologically diverse.


With sounds that draw connections to Radiohead, Riverine is producing music that is not only sonically engaging but progressive as well.

While he may only be young, nineteen to be exact, Riverine is certainly proving his scope of possibility in warping our sense of comfort through sound. Within the track you’ll be on an ethereal journey across distant chiming, muffled and hazy drum work and glitches, taking you to the solar system and back.

Yearning is ambient without being apathetic, building in energy and taking on a shape of its own as the seconds tick over. It would be accurate to say that Riverine’s latest is a labour of love with a keen ear for detail.

The producer is not sitting on a single release however. With remixes of Childish Gambino and a swathe of gigs already performed around Brisbane, we aren’t expecting to see the young talent slow down any time soon.

If you’re a fan of spacey and larger than life instrumental production, Riverine is for you. With Yearning being a phenomenal first release, the complexity and fine tuned detail of the track leaves for little to be desired except for a cool dark room and a friend to listen with you.

Riverine will be hitting the stage at Brisbane’s Bloodhound Bar in Fortitude Valley on the 29th of June. Supported by Tokyo Twilight and Levi, it’s set to be an exciting introduction for sure.