PREMIERE: Brisbane Songwriter Georgia Rose lets her guard down for the sentimental new track This Dance

Brisbane-based folk songstress Georgia Rose is letting her walls down and inviting listeners to share in her vulnerability with her new single This Dance.

The song is an acoustic delight, Rose creating depth, clarity and purity through modest composition and compelling vocals.

The song begins with the softest of guitar strumming, the repetitive melody given depth through Rose’s honeyed, raw vocals. Her voice slowly extends at the end of her sentences, ethereal while remaining confident.

georgia rose this dance

A mesh between the orchestral and acoustic, This Dance is a multi-layered percussive track that unassumingly establishes Georgia Rose as an artist worth following.

We spoke to Rose, who gave us some insight into the themes with which This Dance was lovingly constructed.

“This Dance was inspired by thae idea of masculinity and femininity being in perfect balance. It is conceptually based on the love affair between the earth and the sky – the lyrics alternating between both of their perspectives. They secretly long for each other but believe they’re too different to be united.”

“The most important part of the story for me personally, is how their story unfolds with the realisation that they’ve never been without each other, and how they create a beautiful galaxy when they dance together.”

Rose uses her emotions wisely, her voice faltering deliberately to portray the sentiments of which she sings. The drums are low and melodic, creating a tribal earthiness that suits the rawness of Rose’s voice.

The track is an acoustic ballad of unrequited love. Rose expresses her feeling of loneliness and longing; of invitation in the face of rejection. Rose asks for This Dance, speaking in extension of the bravery and vulnerability necessary in inviting someone to spend time with you.

For Rose, this unchained expressionism started at a young age.

“My parents never pressured me to learn theory, but rather encouraged my brother and I to express ourselves with whatever device we chose. They taught us that if we have the ability and passion, we need to share it. That’s the reason I’ve chosen this career path, and so long as I am honest with how I express myself through music, I will never not love it.”

Throughout This Dance, Rose isn’t expectant of a yes. Instead, she is adamant the one that she admires doesn’t know she exists, singing “I watch you from a distance, you look for something more [but] you would never notice me”.

The song is heartfelt and intimate, similarly to the accompanying film clip directed William France, who Rose calls her “magical video wizard”. The clip is organic and light, effervescent in warmth and affection.

The setting of a bedroom instils intimacy, showcasing Rose’s dedication to the openness the song demands. Constantly casual and effortlessly cool, Rose exudes confidence and passion through the enthralled way she plays her guitar, sitting singularly on a bed but singing as if in front of millions.

Uplifting in validation, Rose finds happiness in the heavy conclusion of her track, the climactic finish stating, “We don’t know what we’re doing yet still you take my hand; I have you for this dance”.