This newly-discovered creepy crawly may look like a weirdo, but it does belong here and has just been named after Radiohead

A species of silky ants has been named after Radiohead because of the band’s “conservation efforts” as well as their music being an “excellent companion during long hours at the microscope.”

Named the Sericomymex radioheadi, the new species is covered with a fluffy, crystal-like layer and grows fungus gardens for food.

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No surprises here; biology and music have delightfully crossed paths again and this time, a species of silky ants has been named after Radiohead.

The Sericomymex radioheadi is one of three new species of silky ants found in Venezuala who farm fungus gardens for food.

‘”We wanted to honor their music” one of the paper’s authors, Ana Ješovnik said in a press release. “But more importantly, we wanted to acknowledge the conservation efforts of the band members, especially in raising climate-change awareness.”

The scientists also note in their paper that Radiohead’s music made for “an excellent companion during long hours at the microscope while conducting taxonomic revisions of ants,”‘ according to CNET.

This isn’t the first time researchers have named newly discovered animals after people or fictional characters.

In December 2016, researchers named a newly-discovered spider after the Harry Potter ‘Sorting Hat’ because they looked identical.

Then in January of this year, a small-genitalled, toupeed micro-moth was named after current US President Donald Trump followed by a monstrous shrimp that kills using sonic blasts being named after Pink Floyd in March.

Photo by CNET / Ana Ješovnik
Photo by CNET / Ana Ješovnik