PREMIERE: Chicago Dime’s new EP is a slice of heaven-sent Australian blues

Chicago Dime’s second EP Woman Like That is a slice of heaven-sent blues that channels giants like John Lee Hooker, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

The band’s love for the blues runs deep, their name taken from a Buddy Guy lyric: “‘I went to Chicago lookin’ for a dime and found a quarter.”

Woman like That take you to a free-spirited blues party deep down in a basement bar. It’s hot, sweaty and steamy, but will leave you feeling like a million bucks.

Mercy opens with an upbeat Jimi Hendrix-inspired lick, before the band comes in at full force. Vocals, bright horns and solos ring, as Pete sings about the type of woman that “is every young man’s dream.”

Detpford Blues is a slow burning John Lee Hooker number, opening with a guitar and horns riff before vocalist Pete tells us about an insane, alcohol-fuelled bush party he went to.

The Big Game starts off with some unusual rhythmic interplay between the guitar and drums, before setting the scene up for various solos you won’t be able to get enough of.

You’ll definitely be hitting repeat on this one to get another dose of those trumpets and sax.

Chicago Dime like to do things a little differently. You can hear them take the big elements of blues music and play around with them to create what they now call the “Australian blues.”

It’s something that’s in full swing on I Put A Spell On You featuring Dario Ogrin. Chicago Dime slow this number right down, transforming it into a sultry and seductive swing that has all their signature elements; a sexy saxophone takes the spotlight, plus Pete taking the stage to pour his heart out.

For all you musos out there, there is much to learn from these fellas – just listen to that guitar solo.

Most importantly, Chicago Dime have the feeling that makes blues music real blues – and that’s not something you can fake easily.


Woman Like That is available now on all streaming platforms