PREMIERE: Dead Language drops The Man Who Killed My Father

PREMIERE: Dead Language returns with a stirring, two-faced ballad in The Man Who Killed My Father

Dead Language (Dominic Price) has mastered the art of the bittersweet pop song. The Sydney artist is no stranger to writing infectious electronic melodies that work alongside weighty lyrics, displaying this on his first vibrant, glossy single that touched faintly on mental illness, Stockholm.

His latest two-toned banger, The Man Who Killed My Father is irrefutably his most colourful and sophisticated to date.

Dashing through a lyrical obstacle course with utmost ease, Dead Language is equal parts danceable and heartbreaking on The Man Who Killed My Father.

Just over three years ago, Price’s father took his own life. For Price, this was an event that came with many profound, varying and deeply complex emotions. The Man Who Killed My Father channels the ache, devastation and fury that rides along with an event like that and utilises all components of the song to express those emotions.

The lyrics demand the listener’s attention, never blurring into the pounding bassline or harsh synths.

The song’s furious yet uplifting instrumental screams Fatboy Slim’s Praise You while his vocal performance and overall delivery brings to mind someone a little closer to home, E^ST.

The bassline furiously and ferociously pulses throughout the track, representative of Price’s anger. He explores darkness in the light of The Man Who Killed My Father and allows the track’s major juxtaposing elements to smoothly conglomerate, consequentially letting the song feel seamless and natural.

For someone recently out of high school, Dominic Price displays immense maturity in his music, seamlessly winding together difficult lyrical themes with danceable instrumentation.

His skills are only going to continue to grow as he journeys throughout his career. A moving and multifaceted piece of brilliant electro-pop.