PREMIERE: Lose yourself in the fuzzy goodness of Dead Little Penny’s Honeycomb

You know how Australians are always claiming New Zealand artists as their own? Well, can we claim Dead Little Penny while we’re at it too?

On their first studio recording Honeycomb, the Auckland-based duo deliver an incredibly loveable, fuzzed-out track full of catchy pop hooks.

With the release of only one studio single, Dead Little Penny have already established themselves as bonafide masters of fuzz.

Dead Little Penny originally began as an alt-country project between Hayley Smith and Simon Buxton. Although the genre switch seems unusual on paper, they’ve pulled off the transition seamlessly.

With Smith now on vocals and guitar, and Buxton on drums and synth, the band have seemingly already mastered the art of creating infectious fuzz-pop tunes. 

After reading an article about the Radium Girls, who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch faces with luminous paint, I was inspired to write Honeycomb, a song that explores the toxic effects of infatuation and volatile love,” Smith says of the track.

The song’s accompanying music video, directed by Rodney Fisher, navigates through equally distorted scenes in back alleys and smokey parking lots. The old-school, Super 8 style clip fits perfectly with the lush, noisy textures of the track.

Considering this is only Dead Little Penny’s first studio recording, I’m sure we can expect a lot more of this goodness in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled.

For now, do yourself a favour and watch the video above.