PREMIERE: Desperate for a party starter? Twin Sun’s remix of Weekend Lover is the answer

A few weeks back The John Steel Singers released the cutest video ever for their single Weekend Lover. Seriously, what better music video is there than two dogs playing together on the beach? Plus, the band teamed up with the RSPCA Queensland to make the clip, so be a pal and support the organisation. Now just in time for Christmas, the boys have given us a very groovy gift with a remix of their track by Reading’s Twin Sun.

twin sun weekend lover remix

UK DJ duo Twin Sun take Weekend Lover from The John Steel Singers, pack it full of synths brighter than sunshine, and give us the perfect party starter.

If you aren’t aware of who Twin Sun are allow us to make the proper introductions. Twin Sun are a DJ duo, Jamie Willcox and Pete Wheeler,  who call Reading, England their home with a strong admiration for 80s power synths. The pair caught The John Steel Singers live at the infamous Oakford Social Club, where the band gave Weekend Lover one of it’s first live spins. The song caught the attention of the Twin Sun lads, and upon finding out they shared with John Steel Singers a mutual appreciation for David Axlerod and miniature toy horses, a collaboration was born.

Weekend Lover is Twin Sun’s first go at a remix. They’ve previously done work on edits for artists like Sufjan Stevens, Can, Jamie xx and Fleetwood Mac, the latter of which earned them a spot performing at Glastonbury with DJ collective Fleetmac Wood. For their first official go, they’ve done a pretty nifty job.

The track is an instant floor filler to put it bluntly. Those power synths we mentioned earlier? They’re all over this remix, and you’ll be damed if you don’t find yourself tapping a few toes at the very least. While the original Weekend Lover is a laid back guitar jam, the remix is a loud banger from the get go. The synths pulse through the atmosphere, goading the dancer in all of us to stop what we’re doing and break out your best moves. The cheeky guitar lick from the original hangs out in the back giving the track a bit of spice, but it’s the multiple synths at play and thumping percussion that give the song so much life.

It may seem implausible, but Twin Sun have made the band master steel fabricators – more fun than they already are. That deserves a pat on the back guys. If you’re at the beach, the club or home alone, throw this banger on and just dance. It’s a track that exudes pure joy and you’ll be glad you did.