PREMIERE: Dinosaur Beard takes us on an ambient journey on his latest single ‘Endless Sunshine’

On his latest single, Dinosaur Beard pens an ambient, synth-driven ode to America during one of its most significant times.

Dinosaur Beard (a.k.a. Adam Finnegan) is back with a fresh and ambient new single, Endless Sunshine.

Bursting in synth-bound textures, the track is everything we’ve come to know and love about the Melbourne dream-pop artist but dialled up to eleven. The rhythms are tighter, the soundscape more refined, and the nuances deeper than ever before. At its core though, Endless Sunshine is navigating a topic that has been very pertinent in recent times: America.

dinosaur beard

Endless Sunshine slowly builds itself into a completely unfettered sonic landscape, one that peaks and valleys with every note and layered sonic texture. It is experimental, but not in the charmingly scrappy way that you would expect. What Dinosaur Beard delivers is a fully realised masterpiece that perfectly balances and contorts itself in the most needed moments.

Thought it couldn’t get any better? Wait until you check out the single’s music video. A psychedelic, glitter-fuelled trip that perfectly balances the mellow, bass-driven tones of the track, Endless Sunshine’s video accompaniment feels as free and complex as the song itself.


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“I actually wrote this song after spending time staying with friends staying in NYC & Philly,” the artist explains. “A kind of love letter to the USA. I wanted to release something light and positive in what seemed like such a dark time for a lot of people. We had the challenge of filming the clip when we were still in a pretty hard lockdown here in Melb so we had to get pretty creative at home. My housemate Lindsay Newton shot it on his iPhone and we turned my bedroom into somewhat of a film set, finally finishing it when we were allowed outside again.” 

Lush and utterly addictive, Endless Sunshine has us waiting on the edge of our seats to see what the Melbourne local produces next.

Check out the video here: