PREMIERE: Dos Enos have conjured something magical and monolithic with Unicorns

In the experience of many a times spending a night deep within a rainforest gully at a house party, boozing until the early hours, never produces much in the way of reward. For many all that can be extracted from the sweet, fleeting nectar of a drunken dance are memories, short-lived romances and headaches. For Dos Enos however, a flower far more permanent, enriching if perhaps, fortuitous bloomed.

The formation of the three-piece was forged over one such night on the South Coast of NSW and grew to an unprecedented stature when the group began recording music and playing live together. After a golden 2015, filled with milestones for the band, who described “…getting some airplay on triple j” and “producing a video clip of which we used for our first single Desert Wine” among the highlights; Dos Enos have released a towering, diverse track that is sure to elevate them further still.

dos enos unicorns

Dos Enos have been going from strength to strength as of late and their new single Unicorns is no exception – it a mythical beast.

Unicorns is every bit as majestic as its namesake, from warped, gentle guitar openings to all out visceral yet, incredibly, pitch perfect howls from lead vocalist/drummer, Joseph Winkler. A veritable wall of sound is thrown into each ear, brick by brick by the three-piece leaving one wondering how so few humans could create such enormous magic. The group cites their studio sessions and collaborations with producer Syd Green as an element that reacted with theirs to build a truly unique and huge sound, the epitome of which can be heard in full bloom on Unicorns.

The resulting ear candy is hard to place a finger on stylistically, although it’s clear in this case that music without genre is music without bounds and music with limitless potential to serenade, excite and caress the ears of an audience. In the effected keyboards and guitars, there are hints of recent Tame Impala works but the comparison is offset by the fuzzy growl of Winkler suggesting hints of early Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, one in the band’s myriad list of influences.

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Lyrically, the track draws on the band’s experience with isolation and the empowerment and liberation of losing one’s inhibitions. In their own words, the tune muses upon “Letting go and not caring what people think and doing your thing worry free.”  The unforgettable chorus, gentle in contrast to the crescendo of the verses, slips comfortably into the mind like a sip of hot coffee to the throat and manifests itself into a lyric that is both relatable and truthful, but clever, avoiding cliché.

This year, the band will kick of a tour of the east coast in support of this succulent jam, bringing all the iridescent glitter of the recorded version to the stage. Dos Enos are a rare and unique act whose music stands alone in magnificent colour against an unrelenting grey sea that often washes though the airwaves.