PREMIERE: Drift away to ‘Fool’, the astounding debut single from Mittere

Mittere is a side project of Sydney and Byron Bay-based producer, engineer, and musician, Dan Frizza. Now the artist has released his debut single Fool, a heavenly ambient track set to make you drift to a distant universe. 

As an engineer and producer Frizza has worked on successful records across a variety of styles and genres, from King Princess to G Flip and Gurrumul. With an immense level of skill in his back pocket and a distinctive approach to soundscapes, Fool foreshadows the astounding beauty of an upcoming Mittere EP. 

Listen to the ethereal soundscape that Mittere has thoughtfully created within Fool, and let the concepts of time and place slip away.

The cinematic and ever-building sound of Fool will transport you to another place, compelling you to assemble a story together, piece by piece. The stunning track is a coming-of-age from the warm perspective of a child who has suddenly been faced with the realities of the real world. As naivety begins to slip away, what childhood dreams still guide us? How does one tiny decision cause the infinite number of ripples which texturise our lives?

Mittere kindly invites us to explore these questions as we float throughout his flawlessly curated soundscape, his soft vocals and fragile, airy synthesisers washing over us throughout the track’s duration. 

Mittere has encapsulated a moment in time, recording Fool as it was being written. This adds a wholesome and natural feel to the track, as though every aspect of the song has been distilled out of the artist at once. While he might not have understood where the path was taking him while the track was being created, it led him to a place of astounding beauty.

While his singular sonic vision is reminiscent of other stunning soundscape creators such as Sigur Rós or Brian Eno, it’s clear that Mittere has developed a realm which is totally expressive of his uniqueness. 

Listen to Fool above.