Some people are only just now realising that Rage Against The Machine are a political band

Who would have guessed a band called Rage Against The Machine would have politically-charged tracks?

Apparently, not everyone.

Rage Against The Machine co-founder Tom Morello has responded to a tweet from a supposed ‘fan’, complaining about the band’s support for Black Lives Matter.

As you probably know, many communities and groups are expressing support for the Black Lives Matter movement after the egregious murder of  George Floyd by Minneapolis Police. To no surprise (well at least we thought), Rage Against The Machine were quick to fight the power, getting behind the cause online. This shocked some, let’s say, conservative fans, who apparently had no idea the band were political.

At this point you have to ask, what machine did you think Rage Against The Machine were actually fighting against? This is a band known for their anti-corporate, anti-government bangers, and wish more bands wrote political songs. Anyway, this is how it started. A quote-unquote ‘fan’ posted a now deleted tweet, with quite the opinion. He wrote, “I used to be a fan until your political opinions came out. Music is my sanctuary and the last thing I want to hear is political bs when I’m listening to music”. 

This is where legendary guitarist Tom Morello just couldn’t help himself. He replied with this tasty slice of perspective.

Ouch. Fans more attuned to Rage Against The Machine’s political views followed this with many memes that frankly speak for themselves. A little reminder to know your enemy. Enjoy, and of course, keep fighting the power.