PREMIERE: Earth shattering bass, uncomfortable close-ups and eerie darkness consume Greenthief’s video for Ship to Nowhere

Cast off your anxious jitters and navigate with a driving ambition through uncertainty into the turbulent sound waves of heaving psych rock.

In an effort to subtlety commandeer your outlook and conquer your dopamine levels, Melbourne based psych rock 3-piece, Greenthief strap you to their creative vortex for just four minutes, to bless you with the marriage of unbridled human animation and mortal hopelessness.


When the rhythm section alone is enough to tickle the bottom of your feet, you’re in for a raucous ride

Greenthief’s latest track Ship To Nowhere from upcoming album Tremors is truly a shit-ya-pants, high energy number that electrifies any surrounding participant into a primordial goo, to be born and re-born during self- inflicted exposure.

The tune is initiated by a phat, brooding drum beat, reeking of genuine seismic instability, a heavy melodic bass line taps into this rhythmic groove and alights your sunken spirits with progressive motion.

Guitars chime like a psychic call to arms, triggering tantalising vocal work that works on an addictively sinister level. These immediate elements draw you easily into the grips of an all-consuming chorus.

If by now you are struggling to keep a head above water, it may be a favourable idea to be engrossed by the distorted mass of thick, electric grooves and howling lyricism and let the following sections have their wicked way with you.

The synergetic 3-piece steer this vessel in tight increments, tacking forcible juicy mix-ups into the piece. Jagged guitar riffs stick out like bold, unavoidable rocks in a washy hue of fuzz, beat and endless anticipation.

At any minute it feels like it could blow out, giving the song an edgy, teeth-grinding quality that widens the eyes and shakes all angst.

Combining the perpetual mysticism of psychedelic soundscapes and the high-octane shred of bawdy gat power, Greenthief evoke an intrepid honesty and intensity in their sound that nods lustily at bands such as Radiohead and Fuzz in a boiling pot of musical vices.

Realign your senses, breathe deep and be exported to a world of eternal truths, manifested wholeheartedly in the recording of vibrations of Greenthief’s valiant lyricism and wild musicianship.

The accompanying video is just as wild a ride, introducing us to the band in a dank, underground setting. Closeups border on uncomfortable, linking perfectly and maliciously with the eerie slink of the music. Shuddering cameras seem to give to the rumbling prowess of the undeniable bass and drums. The visuals make for the perfect accompaniment to the unnerving yet, addictive tune.

Greenthief’s upcoming and highly anticipated album Tremors is to be released on the 10th of June. This new album will be followed by a national tour playing a string of loose shows throughout July that are sure to move masses of sweaty punters around waves of indulgent fun and potential insurance liabilities.