PREMIERE: Sensitive and sensual, Eloisa Cullington’s new single Be Free is pure listening bliss

There’s something truly special about the honey-like vocals of Eloisa Cullington. Continuing to defy the boundaries of genre, her latest single Be Free is a showcase of her unique blend of dub-reggae, jazz, and neo-soul.

Eloisa Cullington Be Free
Photo: Eloisa Cullington

Eloisa Cullington’s brilliant third single Be Free is sensitive yet sensual; an intoxicating potion of dub-reggae, jazz, and neo-soul.

Following her breakthrough single Changing, Sydney nu-soul artist Eloisa Cullington is showing us her sensual side, proving herself to be an exceptionally diverse artist while staying true to her unique sound. Eloisa’s extensive background in live jazz has seen her playing across Australia and the UK since 2009, all the while honing her craft.

Be Free carries the sensitive soulful sentiment of her debut, but brings a new feel. The dub-reggae production adds a more sensual sexy element to her music, while flaunting her jazz prowess. In challenging genre boundaries, Eloisa marries pulsating synths with glorious live trumpets, whirling into a wondrous world of sounds.

“Be Free is about losing inhibitions and finding inner wisdom,” Cullington says of the track. 

Be Free is the third taste of the artist’s upcoming debut EP, due out later this year. After the exciting and versatile pieces we’ve heard so far, we can’t wait to hear what secrets lie on the upcoming collection.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to Be Free above.