PREMIERE: Embrace your smutty side with Dirt River Radio’s raunchy hit The Cocksucking Blues

Affectionately calling themselves The Dirties, Melbourne’s Dirt River Radio are the filth-laden pub stompers carving up Aussie stages with their no-fucks-given, rock ‘n’ roll rebellion.

Today they drop their latest cut The Cocksucking Blues, a song and dance to false accusations, out of hand parties, and the sprawling, bluesy ballads The Dirties love so much.

dirt river radio the cocksucking blues

Cover your children’s ears and blast out The Cocksucking Blues from your nearest amp stack; this one’s meant to be loud.

Before you make too many assumptions, here’s what guitarist/vocalist Alex had to say about the track:

“A close friend of mine was wrongly accused of giving oral sex to a guy at a party. We were laughing at the absurdity of it the next day and the fact that it wouldn’t even have been an issue if it was a guy in the same situation, even in 2017.”

“So I wrote this ‘tongue in cheek’ song for my friend as she literally had ‘The Cocksucking Blues’”.

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The result is a raunchy love child of unapologetic AC/DC noise and pure Steel Panther smut. As the first cut from their upcoming record Sun City White, it struts a bold path for what is yet to come.

Despite the bawdy subject matter, the track is surprisingly desolate in the way of lyrics. Favouring rowdy jams to transition between the song’s raucous phrases, it’s admirable to see The Dirties held together such a degree of restraint in the amount of times they could yell “cocksucking” over four minutes.

If the rest of the LP is as rambunctious and as utterly filthy as The Cocksucking Blues, sign us up. Just grab us a dose of Penicillin on the way out.


Dirt River Radio are launching their record Sun City White at Melbourne’s Ding Dong Lounge. Grab the tickets, and the finer details, right here.