PREMIERE: Find a friend in your corporate doppelgänger with Mundane Night, the new clip from Doozy Daze

It would be hard to get any more ‘no frills’ than Doozy Daze. Hailing from Brisbane and counting Nirvana, Violent Soho and Tooheys New among their influences, you get the feeling that these sludgey grunge luminaries are making music to fund their next tinnie,  and not much else.

And who says that’s a bad thing? The honesty that beams through acts like this is totally enveloping, an unfiltered mirror held back at society, happy to reflect the good, the ugly and everything in between.

The latest clip from Doozy Daze examines both ends of that cultural spectrometer, and the strange places they meet in the middle. Titled Mundane Night, it’s one of the band’s most relatable and commiserative outputs yet.

Photo: Kor Winters
Photo: Kor Winters

Sick and tired of your life as an underpaid artist or an overworked corporate? Take a look in the mirror with Doozy Daze’s new clip Mundane Night.

The clip (written, directed, shot and edited by Luis Sanchez) follows our two protagonists: ‘Office Dude’ played by Luke Marks and ‘Derro’ played by Todd Smith. Short end of the stick, Smith.

It’s your classic side-by-side cross section of the daily grind, juxtaposing a man living the 9-5 life with a downtrodden artistic soul, highlighting the endless similarities and differences between the two.

Sludgey riff work, chunky basslines and hard-at-it percussion are the perfect backdrop to Sarah Timson’s candid vocal work. Alarmingly catchy, endearingly simple and as raw as sushi, Mundane Night is the kind of pub banger you can still yell along to when you’re eight pints below.

Grunge acts and their historical forebears like The Velvet Underground and Nirvana always found their strength in highlighting the unremarkable, the less glamorous corners of our day-to-day lives that most artists wouldn’t touch with a 40 foot pole.

It’s the space Doozy Daze has occupied so well since day one, and Mundane Night is the culmination of that work to date. The situations conjured in the lyrics and in the clip will hit a little close to home for the average booze stained, music addicted millennial, but then again, maybe that’s exactly what the band wants.


Doozy Daze are launching their newest tunes at Fat Louie’s in the Brisbane CBD on Saturday April 22 with support from The Cuddle Stompers and The Bear Hunt.

Get all the details on the Facebook event.