PREMIERE: Find joy in the beautiful songwriting of Angus Oastler’s new single Sad Song

Angus Oastler’s music has a unique and endearing quality to it – it’s earthy and authentic, and will rope you in with warm guitar tones and captivating vocal delivery.

Once you’ve entered into one of the Gold Coast singer-songwriter’s carefully crafted indie-folk rock tracks, it’s incredibly difficult to turn away.

Sad Song, the earthy and endearing new track from Gold Coast singer-songwriter Angus Oastler, is bursting at the seams with clever songwriting.

On his new track Sad Song, Oastler weaves together characteristics of roots, Americana, indie-rock, and folk to deliver a sound that belongs entirely to himself.

While the song flaunts a charming old-school aesthetic, it still feels completely fresh. This is an incredible trait of Oastler’s songwriting – it’s a quirky pastiche to the endless list of artists that have influenced his current music.

For the recording of the new song, Oastler enlisted himself an air-tight backing band; made up of bassist Shannon Kelly, drummer Jake Morton, and glockenspiel and MIDI keyboard player Fletcher Babb.

Together, the group share a mesmerising synergy that’s built a truly impressive new song for the Queensland artist. Definitely keep an eye out for more music from this consistently strong songwriter.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.