PREMIERE: For all the lonely hearts, Ariela Jacobs’ Lost is the best companion

Ariela Jacobs has a thundering velvet voice matched with despondent lyrics and haunting melodies. Her latest song Lost makes you smile and sigh at the same time, making you nostalgic for those bittersweet romances of your past.

Ariela Jacobs Lost

Moving, mature and vulnerable, Ariela Jacobs will have you in a daze with her latest single Lost. A perfect companion for all those lonely romantics.

Jacobs is gaining popularity on triple J Unearthed and SoundCloud, with her single The Sound earning her over 100,000 plays and downloads. Her upcoming EP Yesteryear is shaping up to be the perfect comfort album, Lost showcasing lyrics that tell you exactly how you feel in ways you’ve never thought of, and that is what sets her apart. She is witty while being serious, hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. Jacobs brings us multiple sounds, in only a way folk music can.

Keeping in tune with her debut six-track EP, her vocal strength has improved, teetering on the edge of delicate yet powerful. Hearing Lost is one of those experiences where at the beginning you’re listening to one song, and by the end of the three minutes, you’re listening to another. Towards the end Jacobs ups the tempo of the drums and backing vocals, all echoing through each other. The song enters an ordered chaos, with her call and response of a loud, echoed clap; to her singing “It’s not the right thing to do”. Jacobs peels back the urgency of the drums, backing vocals and echoes, and ends with just her piano and her soft, powerful voice that we love.

Jacobs’ music showcases the piano as her go-to melody maker, but she’s not afraid to get her synth out and put in some computerised strings and bass to add weight and feeling to her music. Lost is full of lyrics that make you smile to yourself, knowing that you’ve done something similar or the exact same thing in the past. “Prepare a cup of coffee for another night of sleepless times/so I can blame the caffeine / for giving me time to think”. To hold you over until the EP is released, check out her SoundCloud, Sandman is a guaranteed good time.

Jacobs has a real gift for writing lyrics that flow, the words just roll off the tongue and the beat makes you want to take up a modernised version of folk dancing. Lost is only a tease of the many songs that are in Jacobs’ arsenal, and we are all eagerly awaiting Yesteryear to be released.