PREMIERE: French-Australian songstress Elodie Gervaise renders rich vocal bliss on ‘Rust’

Oozing with lust and lavishness, French-Australian darling Elodie Gervaise has offered up another slice of heavenly tiramisu. Or red velvet cake. Whatever you consider to be rich and decadent enough to enjoy on a wrought iron balcony somewhere in Paris.

At least that’s where Elodie is currently based. Originally from Brisbane, she marries both Parisian chic and Aussie chill effortlessly in her new single Rust. A seriously emotive ballad told through seductively lethargic vocals with minimal backing, allowing her striking lyricism to cut through.

Seductive and sensual, Elodie Gervaise is heaven on her new single Rust – a requiem for new love and the cleansing expressionism that comes with sexuality

The deftly strung guitar riff has echoes of Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box, predicting something dark and soulful to come. Opening lines “Pent up emotion, namely lust. I wish for your hands, soothe my rust” are drawn out and delivered with bedroom-eyed temptability.

Through the angst however, Elodie’s lower range vocals are warming and lend themselves to a softer feminine approach. She transcends the kind of resonance which voices like that of Angie McMahon have crystallised as powerful tools in both songcraft and performance.

Amidst the darker ambient moments, the message is ultimately alluring and hopeful.

‘This song was written about the meeting point of two people carrying residue from past relationships. By connecting they clear each others rust through their physicality and expressions of lust,” Elodie writes on her Instagram.

Brighter moments of delicate and distant synths bring the sweetness that leads into the final act. Here’s when Elodie brings to the table her perfect French and sends the final verse of Rust into the ambiguous allure of language.

Along with this new one, Elodie’s 2019 five-track EP Brut has been added to all our personal playlists this week. And I’ve already lit the metaphorical cigarette I’m going to sigh out to her soundtrack, with a glass of French red.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Paris this month, wander over to the Quai De Bourbon on January 25th for the release party.