PREMIERE: Grant Walker’s new EP is a masterclass in groove perfection

Grant Walker‘s two track EP is a masterclass in groove and instrumental layering. Enfolding percussion, vibrant flecks of guitar and spacey vocals fall like silks sheets creating a rich euphoric experience.

Grant Walker has a deep pool of potential at his fingertips.

Be whisked away to bliss in Grant Walker’s new EP Reality Tunnel. A soulful groove experiment that’ll go down smoother than a glass of wine.

After picking up a guitar on a pilgrimage through Africa, Grant Walker has taken notes from the greats such as Eric Clapton and Dire Straits, developing a trippy, modern, bluesy sound scape that reflects his twin like bond with the instrument.

In Reality Tunnel, Grant Walker achieves the subtle hypnotism and deep locked grooves synonymous with Psych Rock heavyweights, but without the 12 minute time stamp. There are hints of RHCP at their most nuanced here as the layers of guitar instrumentation leave a full bodied sound that completely envelops. Walker’s ability to transition between crisp clean groove and head-spinning, shoe-gaze fuzz is nothing short of masterful. However, the strengths of ‘Reality Tunnel’ certainly lie in the tasteful J. J. Cale-esque grooves and heady, trippy guitar work.

The title track is an instrumental journey through crisp guitar walks and funk driven bass lines. With an ear for tone, Walker is able to subtly build upon rhythm and melody to reach a climax that lands with emotional force. To quote the late Albert King, if you don’t feel this “you got a hole in your soul”.

Lost River continues the themes of Reality Tunnel with an extra dose of sex. The vibes are relaxed and carefree and the vocals wash in on a wave of reverb. The whole tune feels as if Walker didn’t lift a finger to make it happen, it just flowed naturally as he rolled out of bed.

This element of effortless execution is something that pervades the work of Grant Walker. From a lazy Sunday morning to a deserted dune, Walker has tapped into a sound that can intuitively transport as well as delight the senses.

Swallow in the full-bodied wine that is Grant Walker’s Reality Tunnel. It’ll go down smooth, and the bottle will be gone before you know it.