PREMIERE: Hannah Kate bring the diversity and the dreaminess in their new track Easy Breezy

Hannah Kate is a dream-pop cohort from Melbourne, ready to soak you up with their harmonic vocals and nonchalant melodies.

Their latest, Easy Breezy trades in their melancholia for harder, garage-rock riffs. The result? One infectious new tune.

hannah kate easy breezy happy mag

Airy, unfazed and completely distinctive, Hannah Kate offer up a genre-bending, easy-listening experience the whole world can enjoy.

With their EP Late Brunch proving the band are a talent on the rise, Hannah Kate have returned with Easy Breezy… which doesn’t exactly live up to it’s name. Spread like lo-fi butter on an indie-rock bun, Easy Breezy is a unique listening experience and a sneak peak at Hannah Kate’s developing sound.

A colourful fusion of genres distinguishes the track from their previous work, embodying everything from slow acoustics to fast-paced drum smashes in the one song. Opening with sleepy guitar and effortlessly euphoric vocals, Easy Breezy may initially trick listeners into thinking they’re in for a languid listening experience.

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Almost as if someone had changed the song, we’re suddenly transported into a world driven by wild guitars and frenetic drum bashing.

Easy Breezy dances with the devil not once, but three times, each instrumental change reflecting a different phase of life. Beginning with a questioning confusion, transitioning to a ’suck it up’ attitude and ending in a reflection of the easier times.

If you’re sick of the usual verse to chorus drill and looking for a unique and sonically stimulating listening experience, don’t miss Hannah Kate this Friday at the Evelyn with Eilish Gilligan and Hotel Fifteen Love.

Check out the poster below, and find the event here.