PREMIERE: Heather Joan explores shimmering dreamlands on her new singles

Heather Joan is a goth-pop maker, comedienne, and former poet. Her work explores queer sexuality, liminal identity, goth aesthetics, and noughties pop culture.

On her new tracks Growing Up and Are We Alright?, she embraces swooning synths and propulsive melodies to create a sound that is equally as accessible and personal as it is fresh and striking.

Heather Joan fuses pulsating synths, ’80s drum machine rhythms and echoey vocals in her stunning experimental electronic pop singles, Growing Up and Are We Alright?

On her new tracks Growing Up, and Are We Alright? Heather Joan explores a shimmering dreamland of vast, exploratory soundscapes. Her vocals are airy and echoey, laced over heavy synths to create sparse-yet-fulsome songs that get under the skin and infuse the senses.

The tracks are experimental and arresting but they have a simplicity and naturalness that is hard to ignore. They’re are a glimmering, innovative middle ground between the sounds of MGMT and Grimes. Lyrically, Heather is emotionally honest, opening up about toxic past relationships, both romantic and platonic.

“Growing Up is about the first trans woman I was romantically involved with and how she was dealing with a lot of internalised transphobia but was also consistently telling me how to be trans.” 

“Are We Alright? is about a platonic break up with an ex-best friend and how important communication is for me.”

These are still early days for this incredible artist, but judging by the quality of everything we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great material from Heather Joan in the near future. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to her two new singles above.

Growing Up/Are You Alright? are available for pre-order now, find out more here.

Catch Heather Joan live on September 29th at The Old Bar in Melbourne. More info here.