PREMIERE: Helen Shanahan’s Unborn is powerful, apocalyptic pop at its finest

London-based Australian singer-songwriter Helen Shanahan‘s contemporary folk-pop sound is an intoxicating blend of meaningful lyricism, powerful silky vocals, and a strong acoustic feel.

The Perth native has gone for a distinctly different sound with her new single Unborn, it’s powerful, apocalyptic dark pop at it’s finest.

helen shanahan's

Helen Shanahan’s beautifully raw and heartfelt new single Unborn explores an honest and confronting look at the sensitive issues of climate change.

Helen Shanahan’s songs draw the listener into a vivid and heartfelt universe, looking at the joys and sorrows of love and life through her raw and honest lense. Her music beautifully captures her personal, thoughtful observations and introverted reflections of everyday situations, through powerful storytelling and imagery.

After relocating to London from her hometown of Perth, she became sadly accustomed to the litter that lined the streets. Watching as her dog ran to eat glass and other junk off of the footpaths of one of the busiest cities in the world, it made her question the future of our planet, inspiring her to write Unborn.

Shanahan tackles the sensitive issues of climate change in Unborn, her powerful vocals confidently explore an honest and confronting look at the world today. When she sings “when will we learn to help each other, don’t know if I can be a mother,” she questions how safe it is to bring a new child into the world when the future looks so grim.

Produced by fellow female powerhouse Sue McMillan, the heavy synth pads, pulsating drum beats, and crying backing vocals capture the apocalyptic mood of this brooding, dark pop track, while emotive strings send chills down your spine.

The music video perfectly captures the melancholic emotiveness of the track, as footage of Shanahan walking the streets of London is interwoven with imagery of some of the biggest cities in the world; Paris, New York, and Tokyo.

The widespread litter and pollution in every shot combined with the powerful emotions of the lyrics evoke a strong sense of urgency. It is a confronting and eye-opening look at the dire circumstances the earth is facing as a result of humankind’s own actions that have contributed to the wider issue of climate change.

Shanahan is launching the single in London at The Finsbury on September 12th, 2019 and will be heading out on the road throughout the UK in November 2019 in support of the single.