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PREMIERE: Get lost in Helen Shanahan’s mesmerising single, Avalanche

Perth based folk artist and resident sweetheart Helen Shanahan, has just released her powerful and utterly mesmerising follow-up single, Avalanche.

After making waves with her Nashville recorded debut album Every Little Sting in 2017, it’s safe to say Helen Shanahan has permanently cemented herself in our hearts with this beautiful new release.

Helen Shanahan’s new single, Avalanche combines spellbinding vocals and magnetic harmonies that will lull you into a state of complete melodic hypnosis.

The promising artist’s new single is an uplifting and relatable narrative of overcoming personal hardships, that is simultaneously empowering and comforting. Avalanche combines Helen’s ethereal musical presence and the gently powerful message of resilience, to create a completely cinematic experience for anyone lucky enough to be listening.

“Avalanche is a song for when things seem too much, for when everything seems overwhelming and moving at a rapid speed”.

After Helen Shanahan won the folk category for the prestigious WAM Song of the Year awards, the esteemed artist decided to collaborate with Perth producer Chad Blondel to bring the incredible new song to life.

“Combining her folk-pop sensibility with driving beats and sweeping synths, Avalanche marks new sonic territory for Shanahan while maintaining her recognisable vocals and hook driven melodies.”

Listen to Helen Shanahan’s stunning new track, Avalanche below!!

The footage for the stunning clip was provided by former ‘Survivor contestant/Steve Aoki lookalike/Photographer extraordinaire’ Jarrad Seng, who captured the otherworldly landscape while travelling through Iceland.

“ It conveys a hypnotic sense of grandeur and lulls you into a meditative state. Shanahan said the footage matched perfectly with the song. “

“The footage helped convey the extremity of how I was feeling, how when things seem too much, it feels never ending and immense”.


The song is now available on iTunes, and all music streaming services.


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November 2, 2018

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