PREMIERE: Hey nerds, play this online game. The prize is the new Sable tune Message Seen

There has been a great battle taking place, one between the darkness and the light. Our hero Sable is the only one who can stand up against the might of his evil alter ego Shadow Sable, whose tyranny may spell the end of dance music, and even the world. If you’re keen to find out how this epic story unfolds check out Sable’s Facebook to see all the action and the battle for the four USBs that hold the key to Sable’s EP URL LUV.

As if having an awesome comic play out the sense of drama in his epic electronic music wasn’t good enough, Sable is now making four tracks available to listen to ahead of URL LUV‘s release through a series of websites, and you can find Message Seen right here.

Sable message seen

The ultimate mash-up of comics, online games, tech nostalgia and lush electronica, Sable is giving us a sneak peak of a new song Message Seen.

Now we can’t just give away the track, that’d be too easy. The same way Sable, Kuro and Saybot had to work hard to recover the four USBs from Shadow Sable’s Cloud Castle, now each of you must use your wits to figure our how to gain access to the new track. So how do you play? It’s simple, just play the game and follow these here instructions; “A game that may show our age. When texting was the most advanced app your phone supported. Follow the numbers and letters will form“.

We’ll let you figure it out, so click this link to get this new banger into your head. A quick hint, if you’re old enough to remember when phones had buttons you’ll have an advantage.

Once you have finished all four games your delivery of URL LUV will be sped up ahead of it’s September 18 release date, so get playing. In the meantime Sable has announced a national headline tour that will see him and his dark alter-ego take the stage complete with inflatable Saybot.