PREMIERE: Hugo Costin delivers wistful new single ‘Fool In Love’

Singer-songwriter Hugo Costin has spent years experiencing everything the music world has to offer. Now, the artist has released his latest single Fool In Love.

It’s not too often that a song makes you completely stop in your tracks, but Fool In Love does just that; it’s raw, vulnerable and deeply provocative, painting a melancholy picture of being deeply in love. 

Fool In Love is the latest single from the incredibly talented Hugo Costin, and is another taste from his debut album Oranges, set for release this April.

Growing up heavily involved in Byron Bay’s punk and hardcore scene, Costin would eventually come to form beloved indie group Toy Boats who toured extensively across Australia. After the group dissolved in 2015, Costin was relatively quiet. That was until 2019 when he started releasing solo work, which displayed several new influences that differed from what we had heard from Costin before. Influences were much softer in nature and focused much more on emotion and unique storytelling; including Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley and The Cure’s Robert Smith.

The sound of Hugo Costin is so intimate and vulnerable, making even the least empathetic person feel every aspect of Costin’s melancholy and intense wistfulness. Truthful and honest, it has every ability to bring a tear to the eye. Still, despite the aching sadness of Costin’s voice and perfectly imperfect guitar, you so desperately want to soak up every aspect of the song which is laid bare before you. 

 While Hugo Costin conjures up such profound emotion merely with the sound of his voice, each purposeful lyric paints vivid imagery in the most beautiful way. It is no surprise that Costin allows more than just the music world to inspire his vision with a range of classic and abstract literature, fairytales folk stories and poetry playing a role in the way Castin creates his art. Furthermore, Costin allows for an immense variety of visual imagery to influence his music, demonstrating that Costin has the unique ability to turn his songs into pieces which are not just audible, but visual creations that are stunningly cinematic. 

Costin’s exposed and tender approach to sound achieves his vision with ease; “to touch something at once a part of and beyond this world.” Sharing a strong affinity with some of the world’s greatest storytellers, Hugo Costin is set to make a mark on this world. Listen to Fool In Love below.