PREMIERE: Immerse yourself in Coumarin’s brilliant new single Make It Right

It was last year, with the release of their debut single Never Again, that we were first introduced to the dynamic alt-pop sounds of Coumarin. The Stuttgart-based band craft the kind of music you can’t help but get hooked on—it’s grounded in hook-driven pop, but reaches far wider.

Now, with the release of their sophomore single Make It Right, the group continue to establish themselves as purveyors of deeply addictive and emotionally-resonant indie gems. Here’s a hot tip from the Happy Mag team: keep an eye on this band, we’re expecting big things.

On their new single Make It Right, Stuttgart-based outfit Coumarin craft a bright and emotionally resonant slice of alt-pop brilliance.

Throughout the new single, Coumarin glide through a spirited concoction of indie-rock, dream-pop, and folk to deliver something uniquely their own. With bright, textured instrumental arrangements and soaring vocal melodies, Make It Right is the kind of track you can’t help but get lost within. The band craft an immersive sonic landscape that feels authentic to their musical vision—in fact, that’s the basis on which all the band’s decisions are made; honesty.

Over the course of the track’s four-minute duration, they pull in myriad sonic directions, but there always seems to be a concrete vision. Every note and lyric feeds into this emotional catharsis that feels true to the band.

While these still may be early days for this German group, judging the quality of everything we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely exepect plenty more great material.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Make It Right above.