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Find comfort in isolation with the ATH-ANC900BT from Audio-Technica

The world of media is increasingly encouraging us to focus what’s going on between the ears. With the ATH-ANC900BT headphones, Audio-Technica aims to bring comfort and consistency across music, podcasts – even phone calls – to a range of different environments.

These new headphones deliver that classiness and power – without cables and extra noise, so you can get lost in your own audio world.audio technica ath anc 900bt headphones

Relying on some new technology and some old comforts, the ATH-ANC900BT headphones from Audio-Technica deliver on class, consistency and freedom.

Sweet Freedom

As is the convention with Audio Technica’s range, the BT denotes Bluetooth capability. Which means, of course, you can enjoy your listening experience, free from constraints. Yet they also have built-in features which help you get on with business-like touch and swipe controls for answering phone calls.

For additional wireless configuration, the headphones also come with the Audio-Technica Connect app. The app allows you to customise setting for noise cancellation, hear-through function and more.

In Your Own World

Central to the value of any pair of headphones is its essential portability. Therefore, focussing on the sound in noisy ambient environments can prove to be a challenge. This is where active noise-cancelling can save the day.

The 900BTs employ active noise cancelling to reduce ambient noise levels. To make it all happen, there’s a miniature microphone built into the ear cup of the headphone, which captures the external sounds.

Then, with the help of an electrical circuit inside the headphone, a noise-cancelling wave is created, which 180 degrees out of phase with the outside noise, effectively cancelling out any outside distractions, allowing for a clearer listening experience.audio technica ath anc 900bt headphones That’s not to say they don’t do a good job of isolating sounds, even without the noise-cancelling activated. These headphones fit over the ears, not unlike the style you would typically use when you’re mixing music. The memory foam earpads effectively glue a thick acoustic barrier around the whole of your ear, creating a comfortable seal for long, luxurious listening sessions.

Sonic Performance

All the high-end details and modern tech count for zero if the headphones don’t sound good. So how do they perform?

Due to the size of headphones and essentially, the laws of physics, most models can struggle to replicate frequencies at the low end of the spectrum. But the 900BTs – being circumaural in design and fitted with 40mm drivers (which is big for headphones) – it’s safe to say that these headphones can deliver on big bass, but without effort.

Some headphones are victims of over boosting in certain areas to create artificial hype. That’s not really the case with the ATH-ANC900BT. The response across the width of the spectrum is silky smooth. So, don’t expect to be able to do a great deal of analytical listening with these ‘phones. These are definitely listening for pleasure.audio technica ath anc 900bt headphones Interestingly, the listed specs indicate that the frequency response of the 900BTs ranges from 5Hz to 40kHz. While that won’t mean anything to most, these to figures are well outside the range of human hearing – with 5Hz a frequency that rattles internal organs rather than producing a recognisable pitch; 40kHz is somewhere in the vicinity that only dogs can hear. What gives?

This extended response figure means that the 900BTs can be certified as Hi-Res. This doesn’t really affect you if you’re listening to compressed MP3s, though if you subscribe to new higher quality streaming services, these headphones can reproduce that quality in all its glory. Audiophiles take note!

The ATH-ANC900BT headphones reveal the character of the music, not for analysis, but for pleasure. Combined with the features that help them to slot into everyday life, these are a pair of cans that can keep you company all day.

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