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Error Instruments launch the Blind Noise touch-synth

Experimental instrument makers, Error instruments have just released their latest marvel, Blind Noise.

Blind Noise is a new touchable synthesiser that takes a different approach to synthesis and music-making. The original concept for the synth was to be for vision-impaired people. Since then, the Blind Noise has found interest among children and professional artists alike. Blind Noise

Get hands on with Blind Noise from tech wizards Error Instruments. This new approach to music making lets you feel the music as you create it.

The synth’s layout is quite unconventional, with 4 parameter knobs in the centre and two circular touch circuits on either side. The circles let you play 12 waveforms with six notes on either circle. In the centre are 4 knobs that radically change the touch response of the interface.

The device is designed to be used eyes closed, meaning you have to use your ears and muscle memory to recall where those sweets spots you found were. The synths design that reminds us of the Landscape Stereo Field with its touchable interface and gritty tone.

Error Instruments encourages picking the device up to use in a ‘games console‘ configuration for an even more immersive experience. The touch plates work on the resistance of your fingers depending on water content so the sound can vary depending on the body part and how wet it is.

For more information about the Blind Noise visit the Error Instruments website.