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Soundcloud to MP3: the best converters on the web

Soundcloud to mp3 converter

The act of plundering the music of others to create a pastiche of sounds can be traced back to the early 60s. Pioneers of musique concrète and early electronic music used processes that revolved around using tape loops to stitch together sounds, creating new and futuristic compositions.

In the 70s, DJs would weave together and manipulate tracks from records to create a free-flowing melange of beats, melodies and rhythms. And by the 80s, electronic samplers had become ubiquitous due to their low price and relative ease of use. These were the crux of early hip-hop and the source of much contention around the genre.

Today, artists ripping the music of others is as controversial as it ever was. But it has by no means lost the legs it has grown over the last 50 years. And the means of plucking the music of others has never been easier or more accessible. The amount of Youtube to MP3 and Soundcloud to MP3 converters out there is pretty staggering, and if you’re one of those creatives who’s partial to ripping the music of others to create something awesome, it can be hard to decide on which to use.

To make it easier, here’s a list of the best Soundcloud to MP3 converters on the web.


There are a million Soundcloud to MP3 converters out there, it can be hard to decide which is the best. Here are some of our favourites.


Fast, simple and glitch-free, KlickAud is a reliable and no-frills Soundcloud to MP3 converter. The interface is super easy to use, giving you high-quality mp3 (128 and 320 kbps) downloads with just two clicks. You can even choose to download the artwork too. Check it out.


While the interface for SoundcloudMP3 isn’t as slick as KlickAud, it definitely makes up for it with power. They allow you to download tracks as long as 2 hours, which is much more than most other players. Check it out.


9SoundcloudDownloader is clean and simple, with high-quality mp3 (128 and 320 kbps) downloads. There’s also a Soundcloud playlist downloader function, which allows you to rip entire playlists with just a click. Check it out.


SoundPump is one of the better looking Soundcloud downloaders out there, with a bold black interface and few ads and other superfluous content. The ‘pump it’ button is a nice feature too. It works on any Android and iPhone device too. Check it out.


Download-Soundcloud-MP3 is one of the fastest downloaders out there. It’s compatible with all kinds of devices, completely ad-free, and extremely easy to use. You can also convert to M4A if you so please, which many others do not offer. Check it out.


While this list is exclusively about Soundcloud to MP3 downloaders, AnythingtoMP3 is suitable for those looking for a good Youtube to MP3 or Bandcamp downloader. In fact, this tool can handle just about anything: Vimeo, DailyMotion, MixCloud, Facebook and more. Check it out.


This is another great allrounder, covering Soundcloud and just about everything else. The added bonus is you can convert into a wide range of different formats. For audio, you can choose different MP3 quality (128, 256, 320 kbps), M4A and AAC. And for video, 3pg, f4v, mp4, webm. Check it out.


If you’re looking to rip audio or video from social media for your projects, this is a good option. Grabform lets you convert media from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as all the classics (Soundcloud included). Check it out.


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January 29, 2018