The 10 best Like A Versions of all time, according to Youtube

A question every Australian has probably asked or been asked is “what do you think are the best Like A Versions of all time?” Having operated out of the triple j studio since way back in 2005, there’s certainly a powerful cohort to choose from.

Deciding which are the best Like A Versions is a toughie, and pretty damn objective. So, we let triple j’s Youtube channel decide which ones fans have eaten up the most.

The 10 best Like A Versions of all time, according to Youtube arctic monkeys feels like we only go backwards tame impala

Need to revisit some of the best covers laid down at the triple j studios? These are the 10 best Like A Versions ever recorded, according to Youtube.

Childish Gambino – Tamia’s So Into You

Tamia’s 1998 R&B classic So Into You was a perfect choice for the multi-talented Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino. It pushed his vocals to their outer reaches, while sitting perfectly between the styles of his first two records and the yet-to-be released Awaken, My Love! 

To date, Glover’s is the most viewed Like A Version online.

Arctic Monkeys – Tame Impala’s Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

How do you instantly win over a hoard of new Aussie fans? Drop into one of the country’s most popular radio stations, on one of their most popular programs, then cover a song by one of the country’s favourite bands.

That’s what Arctic Monkeys did, anyway, when they laid down one of the best Like A Versions ever. Thanks Tame Impala for this track, and big ups to Alex for lending his own touch to it.

CHVRCHES – Arctic Monkeys’ Do I Wanna Know?

Speaking of Arctic Monkeys, around the same time Turner dropped in, CHVRCHES descended on the studio with a lively version of AM track Do I Wanna Know? 

Swapping out the meaty guitar work and Turner’s desperado twang for some delicious synth lines, then nudging the vocals up a few octaves, they absolutely made this their own.

Halsey – Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself

From one lord of pop to another. Halsey’s take on Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, to many, remains by far the more bearable version of the track.

Her version is subdued, funky, and absolutely soars with her in front. I think I will go fuck myself – thanks Halsey.

DMA’s – Cher’s Believe

The DMA’s version of Cher’s Believe isn’t just one of the most popular Like A Versions, it was also one of the most original. Transforming an iconic disco bop absolutely rippling with autotune into a slowed-down acoustic classic surely doesn’t come easy, but this was nothing but net.

Almost makes you forget the original. Almost.

Billie Eilish – Michael Jackson’s Bad

Right now Billie Eilish is a Coachella-headlining household name, but even as recently as February 2018 the world was only just waking up to her talents. Appearing on Like A Version with a totally stripped-back version of Bad was definitely a lightbulb moment for many would-be fans.

Not to mention, covering Michael Jackson is somewhat sacred ground… he’s a hard man to top.

Tash Sultana – MGMT’s Electric Feel

When Tash Sultana stepped into the Like A Version studio she did what she does best; locked herself deep into a groove with just a guitar, pedals, drum samples, and a looper.

MGMT’s Electric Feel is quite simply one of the biggest songs of the new millennium, but her take was fresh, inspired, and original.

Aurora – Massive Attack’s Teardrop

Aurora has a knack for making anything sound magical, and her take on Massive Attack’s trip-hop touchstone Teardrop was no exception. Those vocals are just to die for.

The song was also preceded by a funny chat about the supposed identity of Banksy. Does Auroroa know who he or she is? You be the judge.

Denzel Curry – Rage Against The Machine’s Bulls On Parade

Featuring Australia’s own Harts taking on one of  Tom Morello’s most iconic riffs, Denzel Curry laid down possibly the fieriest Like A Version of all time in February 2019.

Covering Rage Against The Machine’s Bulls On Parade, he brought an insane amount of energy to this performance. Check it out for yourself below.

Catfish & The Bottlemen – The Killers’ Read My Mind

Openly admitting that they’d already “ripped The Killers off” enough, Northern British darlings Catfish & The Bottlemen came into the Like A Version studio with their hands laid out plain and simple.

Their version of Read My Mind was heartfelt and sincere; singing the wrong verse but continuing anyway, and dropping straight into R Kelly’s Ignition to boot. “Live music, it’s what the kids want.”