The five new records you should be spinning today

Happy Friday, y’all. The end of a working week means the beginning of a weekend’s listening, and as ever, there are plenty of new records to wrap your ears around.

Whether you’re sitting at work with the headphones in, zoning out at home before a big weekend, or road trippin’ somewhere divine, here are five new slices you’ll definitely want to wrap your ears around.

crocodylus EP happy mag 5 new records

New music Friday is here. Check out the five brand spankin’ new records we’re spinning this fine day.

Crocodylus – Enjoy

The last year has been a massive one for Sydney locals Crocodylus, they’ve supported some of Australia’s biggest pub rock, psychedelic and punk punks, and dropped a string of releases that haven’t faltered in quality.

Today they drop Enjoy, less than a week before they kick off a tour hitting some of the east coast’s best venues and festivals. Make sure you drop into a show near you, these rapscallions know how to turn any crowd into absolute hysteria.

Kira Puru – Why Don’t We Get Along

One of Australia’s baddest upcoming popstars, Kira Puru has been hitting nothing but net in 2019. Her latest tune Why Don’t We Get Along is more ballad than party starter, but she’s no doubt still at the height of her powers.

The tune comes alongside a video from director Josh Harris, with Kira in a starring role. Check it out for yourself below.

Pist Idiots – Ticker

Pub rock favourites Pist Idiots are another local band jumping from strength to strength lately, including a massive set at this year’s Splendour In The Grass and now, the Ticker EP. 

It’s burly, authentic, and hot hot hot. Dive in.

Girl Band – Breathe

If you’re ideal Friday tune is less ‘feel-good pop jam’ and more ‘chaotic, mind-shattering dissonance’, then boy have we got a record for you. Ireland’s own Girl Band have just dropped The Talkies, an album that’s not afraid to get noisy, experimental, or outright blood curdling.

The album predominantly covers themes of anxiety, and that’s exactly what you’ll feel throughout the tracklist. The Talkies is all consuming, utterly maniacal, and completely enthralling.

breathe. – Haze

A duo derived from the ashes of Movement, who rose and fell in the blink of an eye, breathe. have been making evocative electronic tunes that feel like midnight incarnate.

Their third single is Haze, which glitters with the same dark energy as previous releases London and Are You All Good?  Something very, very exciting is happening in these parts.