PREMIERE: It’s time to lube up for I Luv U from All My Alien Sex Friends

Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll… Hmm it seems a bit dated these days. Or did Ian and Minor Threat just ruin the saying with some straight edge stick it to the man attitude? Nah, Bad Brains were always the ones with the attitude anyways. These days kids like their rock n roll a tad twisted, to the point where Alien Sex, Mushroom Caps and Rock-Roll n’ Vomit seems more fitting. Well if you are into some devious extraterrestrial erotic undertakings, All My Alien Sex Friends out of Turramurra, Australia should be right up your alley.

All My Alien Sex Friends I Luv U

In need of some extraterrestrial loving? All My Alien Sex Friends are here to help you get your jollies with their latest furious banger I Luv U.

AMASF is the twisted brainchild of Dave ‘Skinny’ Noble, a guy who given the chance would have sex with Alf. His brand of music is punk in every sense of the word. It’s irreverent in its content and furious in its delivery. Taking lyrical influence from the likes of Louis C.K, Noble is armed with a casual cynicism that serves him well on his latest single.

His latest track I Luv U is the follow up to his 2012 debut EP. I Luv U is an odd concoction of sludgy riffs, slick licks, blistering drum rhythms and forceful vocals coupled with a ridiculous subject matter; milk, drugs and Rock n’ Roll. It’s hard to pinpoint I Luv U as a display of uncanny wit or humour. Perhaps these boys just love their milk. Nevertheless All My Alien Sex Friends serve up a banger instilled with touches of grit and lavished with memorable moments. “Hey new guy go get me a milkshake / While you’re there tell the cows they’re doing a fucking good job”.

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The manic drum rhythms here are absolutely drenched and dripping with fury. Without a doubt the effort behind the kit really takes the energy up 10 notches. The instrumentation here on the whole is utterly impeccable in its simplicity, demonstrating the importance of prioritising a well-rounded structure.

Now don’t waste another second! Head into town and go find your own Alien Sex Friends, and I guess if that fails you’ve always got these guys to lube you up. Jokes aside do yourself a favour and give the boys in All My Alien Sex Friends a moment of your time, after all, as if you wouldn’t want to share these guys with your boss!